• Fellow activities

    Undertake Projects: As a fellow you can bid for projects that interests you and once you are selected, you can directly help an NGO create a social impact.

    Speak up: You can share your views and update your status on your newsfeed

    Network: You can Connect with Non-profits and Fellows and expand your social circle.
  • Non-Profit partner activities

    Manage Projects:  As an NGO Partner, you can post a project, invite or choose a fellow to complete your project, and set mutually agreeable milestones for completing the same.

    Share ideas: You can share your views and update Fellows about your upcoming events/activities on the newsfeed. 

    Network: Connect with Fellows and other NGO's and expand your social circle. 
  • What is Wallet?

    DGF facilitates NGO - Fellow interaction through our internal currency called "hours". Every NGO has a "wallet of hours" which they can conserve and use to buy Fellow services. These hours are given to NGOs, and are used to regulate NGO requests. Every Non-profit partner is given 60 hours to use when they register with DGF. While projects are floated, these hours are transferred to the Fellow as reserve and are awarded once the project is complete. Once, the 60 hours are completed, Non-profits are upgraded to next level in DGF which helps them avail more services. This ensures a NGO does not request services lavishly and maintains the quality of projects. Only if its projects receive good reviews, we promote our NGOs to extra services and reload its' wallet. 

    Similarly, when Fellow completes a specific set of hours, they move up the ladder in DGF:

    Level 1  => 200 hours
    Level 2 => 300 hours
    Level 3 => 500 hours
  • What is Reserve?

    When a Fellow begins a project for a certain number of Hours, the Non-profit transfers the confirmed hours to the Reserve account which is held with DGF. Once the project has been marked successful by the Non-profit, these Hours are then released to the Fellow. This is kept in place to resolve disputes, and ensure the NGO does not overspend its wallet. 
  • What is Newsfeed?

    Newsfeed is our hangout joint. NGOs and Fellows can share their views, events, happenings, stories and this would show up as feed across the DGF community. Users can comment and like posts while engaging in discussions.