• Who is a ‘Doing Good Fellow’?

    A Fellow is an individual who ‘donates’ his/her expertise and networks in helping non-profits solve their toughest challenges. The open access to reach out to anyone and seek help on any topic remarkably eases the Social Ecosystem. Together, the people and their networks become an asset, hence aptly calling them “Fellows”.
  • What is the procedure to become a Fellow?

    All Fellows must register on our “Register” page. Once they’ve submitted the form, they will be approved based on              a). Skillset b). Motivation and c). Level of involvement, to become a Fellow. Once qualified, they will be invited by by our Non-profits partners and can actively participate by networking by posting on DGF newsfeed platform and following other Fellows/ Non-Profits.
  • I live outside India. Can i still become a Fellow?

    Yes. We encourage people across the world to apply with us. Our cultivation program will ensure effective communication between the Non-Profit and Fellow irrespective of location.
  • I have a skillset (for eg: music, archeology). But I am not sure if that can help a non-profit. Should i still apply?

    Yes! Please apply with us if you want to do good – that is our only criteria.You are a musician, you’ll be surprised to know how you can help many of our Non Profits.
  • How much time do I need to dedicate in order to qualify as a Fellow?

    This is flexible. We look for people who can volunteer with a minimum of 2 hours / week of expertise and networks to upto 10-40 hours/week on a project basis. This is decided by both Fellow and Non-Profit together before they start the project.