• What kind of Non-Profits does DGF partner with?

    We believe in creating maximum impact with minimum resources. In order to render our services effectively, we believe in working with like-minded people who are open to the use of technology. We typically work with newer non-profits (less than 10-15 years in service) who find our service most useful. Our non-profits are sourced through networks, and screened to prevent the use of our service for fraudulent purposes.
  • How do Non-Profits benefit from DGF?

    Our strength is our people. Our Fellows are highly accomplished individuals and subject matter experts in their fields. We put them through a screening program. When they join our service, they ‘donate’ their skillset and expertise to our non-profits, anywhere and anytime. Not just that, they also open their networks to our non-profits. So if our non-profits would like to connect with corporates, institutions and any other organization, our fellows locate the concerned networks and make the connection.
  • How do I post a project?

    You can click on "Post a project" you have to spend 5 mins to fill the project details and your requirement. Please make sure that you have a project related image ready to upload and also know approximately how much time ,in terms of number of hours, will be required to complete the project.