Terms and condition for Fellows


All volunteers must complete a volunteer application form. Based on the organization’s need and the applicant’s areas of interest, skills and time commitment, Doing Good Fellows will try to match you with projects that suit your abilities and will arrange an interview. All volunteers are subject to application review. Submission of a volunteer application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer with Doing Good Fellows. A stringent screening process will be done after you apply and confirmation email would be sent to you. We recommend each volunteer review our website to become familiar with our Fellow program and philosophy. 

Work Plan
All the Doing Good Fellows projects are completely online. If the volunteer-project match is approved, the NGO project coordinator and volunteer will collaborate to develop a work plan. For volunteers, work focus, expectations, the plan will include the duration of services, the scope of the project and tasks involved, the final product and process of review. This plan will serve as a contract between the individual and Doing Good Fellows. 

Time Commitments

Depending on the need of the project and time availability of the Fellow discussed during the interview process with NGO project coordinator: Number of weeks : 2 weeks to 12 weeks Number of Hrs per week : 4 hrs to 12 hrs 


All volunteers must complete an evaluation with their project coordinator at the end of their period of service. Additionally, volunteers will need to submit a feedback form in middle and upon the completion of their service with Doing Good Fellows. Providing thorough feedback enables Doing Good Fellows to strengthen its volunteer programs. 


All Fellows are obligated to accept our volunteer contract. In addition to confirming Fellows will carry out their responsibilities, the contract ensures Doing Good Fellows will not be held liable for any injuries or losses, and that volunteers will maintain confidentiality 

Volunteer Policies 

Communications & the Media We request all volunteers to refrain from making any statements about the NGOs they work with, their work or the issues they address during their service with the NGOs. If you are approached by anyone requesting a statement, please confirm with your project officer or primary contact person in writing before making a statement. Confidentiality Data, reporting materials, and information on those NGOs serve are strictly property of the respective NGO. Volunteers are not permitted to share images, data, or material generated during their service with the
NGOs they work with. Credit for documentation produced will be provided to our volunteers where applicable.

Termination of Service

Situations may arise when a volunteer needs to terminate his or her service with Doing Good Fellows. In this case, volunteers must provide one week’s notice to their supervisors with reasons for leaving. Additionally, volunteers must brief their project officers on the status of their work. Remaining tasks should be completed by the volunteer or transferred to the appropriate person accordingly. 

Conduct & Status 

In service with Doing Good Fellows and their NGO partners, volunteers must conduct themselves according to our policies as outlined in the volunteer guide and orientation. They must recognize their role as a volunteer and not act as an agent or employee of the organization. Any expenses incurred, aside from work -related travel, will be the responsibility of the volunteer. Doing Good Fellows will not provide monetary compensation 


All information regarding Doing Good Fellows’ NGO partner’s projects and the communities it serves is strictly confidential and property of the organization. Volunteers must agree to not disclose, divulge, or reproduce any images, data, or materials connected to Doing Good Fellows’ NGO partner’s work, unless authorized to do so in writing by Doing Good Fellows’ NGO partner. I acknowledge that I have read the preceding terms and conditions, which serves as my volunteer contract with Doing Good Fellows’ NGO partner. I hereby accept all the terms and conditions as outlined herein.