Project - Biodiversity database development

Biodiversity database development


This International Database is meant to generate interest in common people about Biodiversity by linking the well known aspects of life with Biodiversity. By encouraging them to add entries to the database, awareness is created. The database should be: high in user-friendliness, less restrictive, simple to understand, provide for high resolution images and HD videos with attractive display. The DB contains 3 parts: 1. Details of person making the entry 2. Details about the Biodiversity component [ Animal / Bird / Tree / Flower / Fruit / Fish / Insect / Reptile / Plant / Leaf / any other life form ] 3. Theme based information - Place names, Movie Titles, Proverbs, Songs, Logos, Etc., The database should be responsive across all devices with preference given to mobile and tablet with smooth navigation. The data entered by people will be verified [1 step or 2 step ] before allowing into the database. There should be provision for all languages and English as the driving language. The database can be hosted in our own website or in open source like google drive etc.,
Visit the following pages in facebook to understand the concept better.

Deliverables expected

1. blueprint
2. draft database
3. testing
4. launch

Define how you will measure the success of this project

By the number of entries received from people within a given time period with normal promotion in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., We expect about 1000 entries in a month for a language zone.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

New because this is the first such project in the world. A unique concept to spread #Eco-awareness.
Exciting Challenge because it has to cater to global audience, keeping in mind the tech-savvy and also the digitally illiterate who uses the database with the help of someone who might be knowing just the basics using the low end facilities [ internet connection, basic devices etc.,]

Video - Biodiversity database development

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