• Objective is to increase our Brand Visibility and Awareness among all stake holders
• Develop and execute marketing programs that increase brand identity and brand awareness among Corporates / Fund distributing associations
• Develop brand awareness tools and marketing collateral
• Create online campaigns for Fundraising, Brand Awareness, Volunteer enrollment etc.
• Plan and launch advertising and media initiatives
• Participate in all efforts to publicize MAW events / initiatives through traditional and online channels
• Procure sponsorship for Online advertising (locally and nationally)

Deliverables expected

a) Create at least 4 strategies that can increase our Brand Presence
b) Define an Online and Offline Brand Strategy that uses various online channels to connect with potential donors, volunteers and corporates. Such strategy must include steps for setup, launch and operation of these strategies
c) Brand Marketing Strategy must include complete details of costs/ expenses that would have to be incurred to set up/ use / promote the strategies
d) The Strategies suggested must also highlight their measurement metrics

Define how you will measure the success of this project

a) Project will be deemed fruitful, when 4 uniquely different Brand Marketing Strategies will be successfully implemented
b) Compare strategy implementation results with the measurement metrics outlined in the project

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

Brand awareness and increased visibility for Make-A-Wish India
Greater connect with volunteers/ donors/ other stake holders
Short term goal realization - grant our 40,000th wish by September 2016 (our 20th anniversary)
Long term Mission achievement
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