Business Development & Operations


You will be the point person for the Zariya Partner network. Every time a survivor of violence reaches out via Zariya, you will look into NGOs near them (via the web, phone calls and the Zariya Partner database) to determine the best service provider that can help them. You will also be responsible for maintaining our relationship with them by checking-in with them periodically and getting feedback on how we can serve survivors better. You will also work closely with the Founder to build our strategy for scaling to the entire city as well as other cities in India.

We are a small team of 4; you will have immense direct impact on survivors of violence and work closely with the rest of the team in making Zariya's vision a reality. The location of the work can be Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi.

Deliverables expected

- Increased number of NGO partners in our network who are vetted for quality.
- Connecting survivors who seek help via Zariya with the NGO that is best for them.

Define how you will measure the success of this project

Achievement of the two deliverables above.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

The team is small (4 people) and from diverse backgrounds. You will learn a lot from the rest of the team and teach them a lot yourself. You will help guide Zariya's business strategy in one city and eventually to other cities in India. You will directly impact survivors of violence.
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