Narayan Children Academy


We consider it our pleasure and privilege to brief that, Narayan Sewa Sansthan established in 1985 and head quartered in Udaipur, is rendering free of cost services in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of Polio and Born disabled persons of the society at large, without any discrimination on the ground of religion, region, caste, sex etc.

At present Sansthan have 17 Hospital buildings, with 1100 bed capacity. The Hospitals are one of the best in North India and became epicentre of more than 2,08,000 free of cost Polio and born disabled operations whereby the limbs of the polio patient through tandent transfer paralysed muscles are given some power.

The divine welfare activities of Sansthan were appreciated by Indian Government and Founder Chairman of Sansthan Shri Kailash Chandra Agrawal has been honoured with many prestigious awards including “Padamshree Award”.
For its activities, Sansthan is totally dependent on the help and contribution from the gentle persons from all over the world. Some of the Public and Private sector units Under CSR Scheme.Besides these Didwania Ratanlal Charitable Trust has contributed and associated with Sansthan as it contributed for construction of 2 big hospitals.

But, still the list of patients to be operated is too long and we need to be strengthened more to serve more number of needy persons for treatment who has to wait sometimes too long for their turn to come.

Now Narayan seva sansthan is opening the school for poor,needy and disabled children up-to 2th standard with Smart & Digital class. This is very new project for narayan seva also as narayan seva sansthan motto is to give free of cost treatment and education to all the sections of society.

Deliverables expected

1.School For poor ,needy and disabled children's.
2.Smart classes upto 2nd. standard
3.Digital Classes upto 2nd.standard
4.Classes from -Nursery,LKG,1st.,2nd.

Define how you will measure the success of this project

Narayan seva sansthan's main motto is to give free of treatment and education to poor,needy and disabled people.The success of this project is to give education to all those who is deprived from the education and make them responsible in their life.This school is completely free without any school fees and any other expenses.The greatest success of this project is to expand the school to 10th standard in the upcoming years.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

challenges For the Narayan seva sansthan For opening up a school for Poor,needy and disabled children:-
1.School Premises and land area
2.School Registration as "Narayan Children Academy"
3.Providing Free of cost Fooding & transportation to the poor,needy and disabled people.
4.Source of Funding

Video - Narayan Children Academy

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