Public-Interest Litigation for tribes in MP


Kurkus tribes in MP and Maharashtra. These tribes are well known for their malnutrition and food security issues. Their population growth rate is declining due to high infant morality and less expectancy of life. Government of India has listed some tribes in India as Primitive tribal groups and the tribes in the group are identified from backwardness of the tribes and certain other criteria.

Spandan has documented certain information and have done research to prove that these tribes fall under this category and Government has not included them in that special group. (

We need help in filing Public-Interest Litigation and documenting it.

Deliverables expected

1. Understand the research we have done and study the Primitive tribal groups ( from Ministry of Tribal Affair website.

2. Create a document for filling Public-Interest Litigation.

Next steps to this will involve lobbing in Ministry of Tribal Affair and a new project would be floated for this.

Define how you will measure the success of this project

Filling Public-Interest Litigation after documentation would be the measure of success for this project.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

Once this tribes gets in the Primitive Tribal group in Ministry of Tribal Affair they will get alot of benefit and might help them to survive the hardship. To read more
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