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Our handloom and handicraft sector provides the second largest employment in rural India. More than 5 crore families spread across 500 clusters are dependent on it as a primary source of livelihood. In one of our projects we are promoting Indian handloom weaving sector by providing market linkages to the weavers of Chanderi, MP. We have a up and running e-commerce site ( and a dedicated facebook page ( The idea is to provide the weavers, direct access to market and divert the extra profits in their social economic development. It is an attempt to save the dying clusters facing stiff competition from powerloom sector through design, technology and market linkages support. For more details please check (

Deliverables expected

1. Handle and promote Facebook Page. (Create Content and graphics)
2. Initiate tieups with online marketplaces (eg: India Roots, Tjori, Flipkart)
3. Initiate tieups with boutique houses (Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad)
4. Reach out, coordinate and organize exhibition in Corporates for selling products
5. Reach out to wholesalers (eg: Nalli Sarees)
6. Write content/blog for the e-commerce site. Suggest improvements.
7. Work on textile tourism. Chanderi is a tourist place. Promote tourism in chanderi by reaching out to travel guides, travel portals, groups.
8. Lots more

Define how you will measure the success of this project

1. Number of Leads generated
2. Number of tieups made
3. Sales realized from the tieups
4. Increase in traffic on facbebook page
5. Increase in Ecommerce sales

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

There are 500 weaving clusters in India but we know a handful of them Eg: banarsi sarees, kanchipuram, chikankari. Have you heard of Rogan art in which they make natural colors from the insect on a tree? Have you heard of a mirror which is made from rubbing the metal over a period of time? These arts are dying and will soon be forgotten unless we don't bring it to the world and educate the people around us. we feel the answer lies in the technology, design and market linkages support. As of now we are promoting Chanderi saree, but imagine if we are able to successfully market one product then there are still 499 left and 5 crore families struggling to sell their products.
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