Structured teacher training module


In order for Kare trust to be most effective we need to Empower and Invest in Teachers. We require a structured teacher training module.

Deliverables expected

1. Discuss with Kare trust team on the issues faced by them and requirements they have from teaching staff.
2. Detail out a structure teacher training module which will help Kare trust.
3. Develop a manual which can be used by Kare trust to implement the training module

Define how you will measure the success of this project

1. The training module should lead to improvement in performance of teachers.
2. It should lead to motivation and help the teachers inspire to do better.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

Kare trust is helping first generation learners to get educated and is trying their best to bring best possible ways to ensure quality education to their students. Your support would help us reach our goals and make impact in lives of these first generation leaners.
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