Succession planning for ACT


ACT is a growing organisation in every way: we began on 1st April 2000 with 9 children and now have 170 children with us as of 2013-2014. ACT has recently started Satellite Centers in Indiranagar, Murphy Town and Whitefield supporting 135 more children from Government aided and semi aided schools. ACT is run completely by volunteers.

We seek help from DGF Fellows to design a succession plan for our organisation.

Deliverables expected

Being a volunteer run organisation, ACT depends most on one person, the Founder and not on a team or a group of people. Hence, it will become difficult for ACT to survive in next few years.

Hence, the Founder wants to develop a succession plan to ensure the organisation will continue to run smoothly after she is not involved in the organisation work.

Fellow needs to understand the current situation and design a plan for the Founder to start working towards making ACT run effectively without her presence.

Define how you will measure the success of this project

The plan would be executed by the Founder and the success will depend on how much the work is systematized without the Founder's involvement in next 1 year.

Why is this project a new and exciting challenge?

We have spend 14 years supporting many children in education. Giving guidance on our sustainability will help us grow and help more children in future.
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