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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Mobile science labs cover 80 government schools in city so far; four more mobile vans to be procured this year

Seated on the floor of a crammed room, indifferent to any distraction in their surroundings, they observed the functioning of the vernier caliper with a zeal that was almost palpable. On the drop of a question, faces lit up and hands rose instantly, eager to blurt out the perfect answer.

Trained teachers

They were over 50 eighth class students at the Government High School in Musheerabad. Without a functional science laboratory in the school for years since its inception, they were in of awe of the ‘mobile science lab' that came to their school, a year ago.

Hundreds of government-run high schools in the city, the sole resort for the underprivileged thousands, have underfunded and poorly managed laboratories.

Launched in 2008, Project 511 seeks to enable mobile science labs in these schools. It has reached 80 Government High Schools in the city so far.

Eight vans with science equipment and two trained teachers each are sent to these 80 schools. Experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are demonstrated to over 600 students, from class sixth to tenth, in every school.

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Good job in reaching out to teach the children to learn with science. Through your movement, I hope your team is able to inspire some future talents who can change the world :)